The Fast n Furious for Canines – Doggy Wheelchairs

There may come a time in your pet’s life due to age, disease or an incapacitating accident where his mobility may be severely compromised. Much like humans, if it involves the spinal cord, depending on where the injury lies can mean the difference between being paralyzed without the use of legs or being rendered a complete canine quadriplegic.

Though no one wants to think of such things relating to themselves, (less alone their pet) dealing with a dog which has these issues is just as crucial. If your animal is healthy overall without the use of his legs, then a dog wheelchair, is a great provider of instant movement.

Why It Matters

Dogs are rarely the “sit still” type, and unless you’re training them to be mimes, they still need their daily exercise, just like we do. These wheelchairs are usually custom fitted to your pet’s specifications. It is not always a one-size fit all approach to this. Elements like size, weight, how they walk (gait), activity level and how often your dog is active are what is taken into consideration when fitting a pet for a wheelchair.

Benefits Beyond Measure

It’s been proven that canines can feel depression, sadness, and loss much like we can. The change can be shown by their behavior and eating habits. Keeping an injured pet from becoming despondent is every good owner’s responsibility and exercise is a key component to this. Canines can adjust fairly well to the wheelchair, and once they are properly fitted for one WATCH OUT! They will be off and running just as if they had their hind legs fully operational.

Also, if you ever need to leave your dog in a boarding arrangement or kennel for a period of time, do make sure the establishment has familiarity with dog wheelchairs and rehabilitating pets. You need to feel confident whoever is caring for your pooch understands the limitations your pet might have.

Having enough space for wheelchair bound animals is imperative too, whether they are in a daycare, with a caregiver or at home. It’s hard for Fido to peel out in a confined area, so ample space is a very good idea. One thing is for sure, dog wheelchairs are a lifesaver for the overall health and mental well-being of your friend. Proving as long as you continue to love, care, and treat your animal like they were before they can have a happy long life.